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A f’n sh*tshow w/ skits, special guests, original music, and more! The whole show is a joke.
Feat: Robbie K, Jefferson Bills, SoLongo, & Skinny Tommy


We are live at the Obamanation Hotel & Casino Atlantic City! Stationed right outside Teddy's Burger Saloon. The Soggy Bread Wheel of Fun makes its first appearance. We call Teddy's burger saloon to place an order. Rob eats a Double Big Boy Burger. Hank himself delivers us our food.  We sing a little karaoke with Jeff performing a solo dedication. "On Location" Shawn checks in. We explain the rules on how YOU could win a prize! Adam Zappel wins ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Robot waitresses. Tom has a crush.

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Were back with Episode 3: Part 2! The epic conclusion to Episode 3: Part 1! We pick back up from that cliffhanger. A special phone-call fan shoutout to Barry Bondzo. On location Shawn makes his first appearance on the show. Cats tooth. We call Eddy the Dog Groomer Expert. An original song. Little Cordial cherry. Jeff turns into a zombie.

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